Here we talk about how to write a good press release.

The first part, how to understand the definition of press release;

The second part, the classification of press release;

The third part, the actual combat method of news type press release operation.

How to understand the definition of press release? What exactly is a press release? Have we ever written press release in the company? Everyone must have written the first impression.


Let me share with you a few concepts first: What is a press release or press release distribution?

The official statement: corporate planning, published in newspapers, magazines or the Internet, can enhance the corporate brand image and popularity, and promote the promotional and explanatory articles of corporate marketing.

This is actually a very traditional and very old saying.

What we say in the advertising industry is: soft advertising relative to hard and wide.

For example, mortal objects that were popular a few years ago are similar. Like creative advertising, this is considered a press release by the advertising industry.

But in fact, this statement is actually relatively single in my opinion. We have now entered an era of mobile internet. What do we say in this era? A statement I summarized:

Press release has an action goal. No matter which type of press release it is, as long as it is communicative and storytelling, it is a press release.

Let me share with you a passage from famous writing said:

"Did you realize that a person’s ability to express in words has become very important in this era. Most of our interpersonal interactions happen without meeting each other. We post resumes online, meet with people in Facebook groups, and email Negotiate with the supplier. Use copywriting to convince target customers, eyes, smiles, and voice actions are not enough in many cases. You have to expect to impress others with words, and the advantages of words take advantage. There are more opportunities for online dating than others. It is a pity that most people's language training is not enough to cope with such social changes."


I think this is what we feel now. We have very few opportunities to meet. For example, we are now taking this class together. It may have been in class a few years ago, but today it is all solved online. If my writing skills are not good today, you may not like to listen to it. Press release is actually the same.

If the press release is not well written, everyone will not like it. Therefore, I would like to say one more thing to everyone here: Since we are engaged in the profession of press release and PR, the company urgently needs to use the power of PR to promote its image. We have to work harder on words, for ourselves, for our own business, and for our own company. .

How do startups use press release? Before this starts, I will share with you a short story. Some friends may have heard the story of "a divorce case triggered by a lion." The story is this:

"Mr. Yong was away on business and came home suddenly. Hearing the sound of a man snoring at the door, Mr. Yong walked away silently, sent a text message to his wife, divorce, and then threw away the phone card and left. Three years later, they met again in a city, and his wife asked why he left without saying goodbye. Mr. Yong talked about the situation at the time, his wife turned and left, and said lightly that it was Rising's little lion. "

This is a press release distribution that rising just started to start a business. It cleverly implants Rising’s anti-virus software into this press release. This should be regarded as a small story-shaped press release.


1. How do startups use press release? There are 6 steps

Step 1: clear goals

How to define your goals? For example, when our company does copywriting, when writing a press release, sometimes it is muddled, and I don't know where to start. Sometimes the content is platters, and the content is pieced together. The quality of such a press release must not be very high. In the final analysis, it is actually a sentence: there is no clear goal.

Therefore, when we write a press release, we must figure out what kind of people this press release is aimed at, what media and websites they browse, and what are they most concerned about? Before we start writing press releases, we must analyze them clearly, and observe what their easy-to-accept communication methods are.

This actually lays a very good foundation for the writing of press release and the next release and promotion.


Let me remind you: Only when we build on the real needs of the target population, can such a press release resonate and achieve better results.

Step 2: To develop habits

Sending press releases and writing press releases must be a step-by-step process, and press releases must not be as simple and crude as hard and wide.

For example, like the second-hand car trading platform of some time ago, the overwhelming advertisements all over the country are a simple and rude form, and the advertising costs are relatively high. But for most start-up companies, advertising costs are actually calculated at the beginning when the company is still small.

Press release is a very cost-effective form of advertising that subtly influences the target group's thinking through text. Through long-term such gradual publicity, an effect from quantitative change to qualitative change is slowly realized.

Therefore, we have to cultivate a habit. When we want to do press release, we must keep updating our articles, instead of saying that I posted an article today, and then waited for me to post another article next time when something happened. Press release must require a long-term plan.

For example, for 12 months a year, I publish 3 articles a month, and the format of each article is arranged. This is a long-term habit. If we only update once or twice occasionally, I suggest not doing it. Because the ultimate goal of press release is to achieve matrix dissemination, matrix dissemination is to cultivate our potential and existing target customers and target groups for a long time. Therefore, I suggest that everyone's facebook should be updated frequently.

In addition, press release related to other external publicity should also be posted to the media. My suggestion is: According to the direction of our corporate brand and product direction, develop a press release marketing plan, and make a time schedule and personnel The schedule is to implement each responsible person in detail, and then monitor the time and coordinate the work.

In this way, you can strive to be able to update articles regularly and quantitatively every day. If the time is tight, you can update the articles a few days a week, so that you can maintain a long-term good habit.

Step 3: Search to be pleasing

Why do you say this should be pleasing? Everyone is making keywords.

Internet companies are generally clearer, keywords are entered by users in search engines, which can summarize the information and content words or words users are looking for to the greatest extent. In this way, it actually plays a role in the promotion of press release. critical use. Only by choosing and choosing the right keywords can the search ranking of press release be improved.

Before writing a press release, we need to determine what the main keyword is, and at the same time, we need to find a large number of relevant keywords through Baidu, and pay attention to the density of keywords in articles. Generally speaking, the title must be the key. Word.

For example, I buried an abbreviation of our corporate in the title. At the same time, the beginning and end of articles are also very important, and they must contain some keywords. If the number of words in articles is about 400 to 500 words, I suggest that the keywords appear 7 or 8 times is the best.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the keywords before and after the sentences must be smooth and reasonable, and must not obliterate the user experience in order to highlight the keywords. This will affect the user experience and affect the reader's mood when reading this article.

Step 4: The title has a gimmick

Why should there be a gimmick in the title? The so-called people rely on clothing and Buddha rely on gold. The title of press release is equivalent to our packaging, which is equivalent to designing a particularly beautiful LOGO for the corporate, which determines whether users will click on this press release.

If the title can’t catch the user’s attention for a moment, the content is useless. Because users will not open your press release at the beginning, writing this kind of title is meaningless.

Once, an old colleague of mine editor posted a recruitment message in the Facebook group "We are hiring, we are waiting for you at XX in 2016", think about it, will anyone click to read this title? If you start with "big breasted beauty bosses long for small meat", you can attract more people. This kind of title is so popular and gimmicky.

This is just an example. What I want to emphasize in the end is: the title must be real, must have content, and at the same time pay attention to integrating the keywords mentioned in the previous step, and then add attractive words.

What are attractive words? For example: numbers, questions, free, the best in history, limited time celebrity hot events, New Year's Eve. Words like this can capture the minds of users. We must use these keywords in our titles, or even the beginning of our articles.

Step 5: The content must be material

The title is good and the content is bad. This is called Jinyu's external failure. It will be discarded by users. Press release is a soft form. The feeling it pursues is like running water, the spring breeze transforms rain, and the moisturizing effect is silent, so that users are deeply caught in our trap. However, the eyes of the masses are discerning. Only by placing ads without causing disgust from users, is this a true press release master.

Therefore, this involves specific press release internal work.

How about the content? What my experience tells me is: we must always read and write more, read some interesting copywriting, books with better writing, and practice more every day to improve our writing skills. At the same time, we must avoid rigid advertising, and we must make good preparations.

Make good use of this writing skill, press release can achieve this perfect combination. Otherwise, the dry press release really cannot achieve the delivery of our product value, let alone achieve the goal of corporate marketing.

Therefore, I feel that since you are in this industry, you have to make a plan to read more and write more for yourself. We need to learn more and learn more before we can add some of our own ways of thinking and write a better press release.

Step 6: Choose a good media party

Writing a wonderful press release does not actually mean that the work is over. There are also specific release issues. Some companies have special media, and some companies have copywriting and media together. No matter what it is, if you want to choose a delivery platform, you must analyze the delivery platform and analyze what kind of media we really suit.

There are many communication channels for press release, such as news portals, forums, Weibo, and WeChat. For our entrepreneurial corporate, funds are very limited, and it is impossible to invest a large part of the money on press release release. At this time, we will choose Baidu news source or website with high reprint rate and weight as much as possible for press release release. Relatively high channel.

At the same time, we have to assist some of the more popular vertical forums, as well as blogs, Weibo, WeChat and other forms, which can also achieve a better communication effect.


This is how startups use press release. There are 6 big steps in total. We can't fall behind every step, and we must have a clear understanding of every step.

Where is the importance of press release in PR? In fact, many people think that press release is useless. Isn’t press release just posted on the Internet and can see news? We don’t know what conversion rate we can achieve.

But in fact, press release does not increase the conversion rate, press release can improve your brand recognition and influence. Without this step, how can you talk about your conversion rate?

Press release and the overall trend of our product’s brand and corporate are in line with each other, and it does not play a decisive role in press release, but in fact, press release can definitely bring us traffic, which is equivalent to an advertisement. s position. If the company is doing press releases throughout the year, it will definitely have a long-term effect, because the most important function of press releases is to attract the attention of our target customers.

In addition, the import of potential customer traffic, the conversion rate cannot directly form the conversion rate, but it can divert traffic, which is related to our basic SEO. For example, when the website was first launched, we must do some SEO work around the website. SEO includes press release, what are our products, new products, and new models, and how they are reflected. If you do this at the beginning, there will be a stable source of traffic.

Because the portal media with higher weights has more than tens of millions of hits every day, you can't match it. Therefore, no matter which channel or page a press release appears on, it has a certain amount of clicks.

Another function of press release is to reduce the marketing cost of the corporate. The biggest function is to subtly marketing, so that our consumers will eventually form purchasing power. But this has a lot to do with the concealment of press release. When you read a press release, you have actually been affected by this press release advertisement, or you believe that this press release advertisement is to promote the product.

This is the imperceptible effect of press release ads, so when we write press release, we must express the imperceptible content and form.

For many startups, especially in the early stage of their business, press release is a very good way of publicity, with low cost and wide spread. If I'm not talking about news articles, the websites of major portals are very easy to form and post, and we can also obtain the credibility of the product and the trust of users, which can greatly improve the reputation of the corporate brand. This is why press release is written as news at the end.

At the same time, press release is also a good helper for crisis public relations. As a corporate grows, it is inevitable that there will be some negative information. Especially in the era of such advanced and expansive Internet information, the high speed of network communication can be replicated infinitely. For the maintenance of a corporate brand, a lot is buried. Hidden dangers. Press release actually played a relatively large role in the crisis public relations of the Internet.

For example, we can write a positive press release for a certain matter, and then publish it on our major portal media to suppress the corresponding negative information, and at the same time make our own voice. Press release will definitely reflect the corporate social credibility and market influence, and increase the credibility of the corporate.

This kind of press release must be written as related to the industry, users, consumers, and society, and must be written in this model. The focus is not on introducing our products, but on what our products can bring to users, what changes can be achieved, and what can be changed.


This is the importance of press release in PR.

Three types of press release:

1. Press release of news category

We often see news in the media, news content that stands out from news reports. Press release of news category is easy to spread.

2. Story press release

Every corporate and every product has a story. Now the founders also love to tell stories. Stories are very important. Especially now everyone likes to read stories, like interesting stories, and also like sad stories. Bring out the product with a complete story. The halo effect and mystery of the product give consumers a strong hint, so sales become inevitable.

Of course, storytelling is not the goal, the product clues behind the story are the key to articles.

3. Social media press release

Why separate WeChat, because many press releases that you see now appear in facebook. There are many techniques for facebook press release, first is the title, and second is the content.

It must guide users step by step. It is actually not defined. The definition I gave is: facebook press release is a text mode that conducts in-depth analysis based on the concept and characteristics of the product and can further guide readers to consume. After clicking on an article, press release should further guide the reader.

These three types of press releases play a very important role in our daily PR work. Press releases of news type can be posted to portals and media, and press releases of story type can also be posted to portals and media, as well as to their own facebook platform.


The actual combat method of news type press release operation has four major blocks:

1. Make a corporatePR plan for newspress release in advance

To do a good job of corporatePR planning for newspress release marketing, you must actually plan and plan first when you do anything. Combined with a situation of the corporate itself, set the publishing goal of news type press release.


For example, our goals are those that can enhance the company's brand image, promote company activities, make products on the market, and go on the New Third Board. It can also be said that the different publicity goals of the product innovation model. The writing and launch cycle of newspress release must be different.

Therefore, we have to define our goals. One of the goals of newspress release marketing is actually a concrete manifestation of press release, ultimately achieving the purpose of building an image and gaining profits. The press release marketing plan should be organized and implemented to modify the press release operation and press release release rules belonging to one's own corporate according to the corporate situation.

2. Start a news headline that can be spread and crawled

How to start a news headline that can be spread and crawled? For example, one of our previous clients was a smart big data organization. We gave him a title "Ten years of college entrance examinations affect house prices". This title is very gimmicky. Everyone will wonder what the housing price is and why is it affected by the college entrance examination? Because "pricing" is a very concerned and sensitive word for everyone. This is called spreadable and crawlable.

First, you must pay attention to straightforward narrative when starting the title, avoid falsehood, and be pragmatic.

In fact, news speaks with facts. News is to tell specific things that happen around us. The most important thing in the title is to have material, and there must be actual content, so that everyone can see what we want to say. Remember to talk about the title in general, and it must be a direct hit to our point. Especially for online news, the focus is on click-through rates, and headline parties must be able to play an important role.

We just want to do this well, the title is flat and straightforward, avoiding falsehoods and being pragmatic, having something to say, highlighting the content of a fact that we want to express.

Many better headlines are often used to capture the core elements of the articles content, and attract audiences to click through the appropriate combination, so that they are loud and sound.

Second, the headline must remember to insert the slogan.

3. The grammar of the title must be appropriate and meet the grammatical requirements.

Emerging online languages should be used appropriately. Too unusual words may be irritating and make the audience unable to understand, so try not to use them.


At the same time, the title must be short, try not to exceed 14 words, especially in the media, portal websites, blogs, and Weibo. The title of WeChat can be relatively longer, because when WeChat is displayed in Moments, if the content is longer, everyone will see it more clearly.

4. The title should be lively, have a sense of picture, and attract people's imagination.

For example, the title of "Qihu Case Opens in Guangdong High Court" makes people uninterested at first glance, and many people don't even know what Qihoo is.

But if the title is changed to "Qihoo sues Tencent for 150 million compensation, the three major focus of the court trial", this is a real news title. Because everyone knows Tencent, you might wonder what is Qihoo? How dare to file a lawsuit with Tencent and claim 150 million? Such a title is a good title with a novel idea.

5. Remember to be ambiguous.

Many people especially like to use an interrogative tone when writing news headlines. This mode is not impossible, but it should be used sparingly. If you use it, it should be just right.

For example, there is "Why Taobao Mall became Tmall Mall". People who have not read this kind of content think that Taobao corporate has a problem and that the corporate has been acquired, but in fact it should be "Taobao Mall was renamed Tmall Mall". So remember to be ambiguous when writing the title.

6. I want to emphasize that online news is actually very important for corporate brand promotion and promotion.

Therefore, we have to think about how to write the headlines of impactful online news every day. This is the weight of our victory.


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