Hong Kong - Asia Presswire, the best in press release distribution, announces the official launch of Asia Press Release Distribution package from April 2020. This press release distribution will cover Asia and all its major players.


Asia, as the largest market in the world, press release distribution would be accessed by over four(4) billion people that is half the world’s population, imagine what can be done with that size of the market, imagine your press release reaching an ordinance that large. This would mean that your product and business would be heard far and wide even beyond the Asia market. Despite the abundance of paid methods nowadays available for boosting traffic - especially pay per click ads that can guarantee clients an influx of visitors who are already interested in clients' products. Thus being more comfortable to convert into clients - many webmasters tend to favor organic optimization techniques to achieve this. In the list with popular optimization methods, Press Release Distribution is perceived as one of the most advantageous ways for accomplishing efficient site promotion.


There is a common belief that if a service has lower costs attached to it, then it must also mean that it's delivered poorly. With a reputable Best Press Release Distribution Services, it is certainly not the case, so as long as clients choose knowledgeably, companies like Asia Presswire, they have nothing to worry about. As an added benefit, some of these free services also include customized press article submission options.

 As a user of such services, clients will be granted access to the additional customized option for a low price. These options allow clients to make full use of bold and italics tags, keywords and include one or more keyword links - which means clients' site links will consist of clients' main keywords in the form of anchor text. To increase clients' site's exposure significantly, Press Release Submission along with clients' site keyword links to access social networking resources such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. This will guarantee better online visibility for clients' written-text news materials, thus allowing clients to make a substantial impact.



Asia Presswire is a marketing firm that offers customized online press release distribution solutions for PR firms, agencies, organizations & Corporates including Direct-to-Editors e-mail delivery to targeted media editors at newspapers, magazines and broadcast outlets (TV and news/talk radio). They also cooperate with significant wire services like ACN Newswire, JCN Newswire, Dow Jones Fectiva, Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg Terminal etc. Asia Presswire aims to offer affordable pricing to clients and their packages start from as low as $50. Asia Presswire also provides a package to target different regions of the world and too different languages. These regions include Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Russia, USA, UK, CA, AU, DE & many other countries. The Press releases could also be translated to English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, French, Portuguese & Spanish.


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