"pNotes:  revolutionizing your note-taking and to-do list."

pStack, the company renowned for its undying interest in building privacy-focused alternative applications for personal computers and smartphones is at it again! This time around, the company announces the introduction of a new virtual note-taking application, known as pNotes. pNotes, note-taking is designed to replace the old version, sticky to-do list papers - in fact, this free, open-source, and end-to-end encrypted virtual note-taking alternative was simply built to help users organize their daily life demands in a simple way.

It is true you are currently using many variants of sticky papers in your working place to take notes and write your to-do list. However, you should understand that could pose a serious security threat to you, as people could easily see and know your daily activities, next move, itineraries and thoughts at a glance. To avoid that, pNotes, an end-end encrypted virtual note-taking application has been developed using P2P architecture. This enables you to have sole access to your to-do list without any fear of the prying eyes.

"PNotes is light-weight, flexible, and a perfect manager of your to-do list on your desktop, and Smartphones. pNotes has been carefully designed in such a way that it supports adding images and small explanatory notes to your desktop. It also supports organizing your to-do list under distinct labels. With pNotes, you can also use labels to organize your to-do for easy reference. In order to safeguard your data, pNotes leaves no traces in your web registry when used and requires username and password before access could be granted. For outstanding user experience, which is paramount to pStack, pNotes is built in such a way that it is user-friendly and can be accessed at anytime." Said Paola Dripp, the pStack public relations officer.

Furthermore, to make your to-do list attractive, pNotes allows you to change color theme of your note and to-do list. It also gives users the liberty to add checkbox, pictures, and notes to their to-do list. In addition, with pNotes, users can copy, archive or delete their to-do list and notes at will. This is way better than what is obtainable in similar apps designed by other companies. pNotes can be accessed on http://pnotes.online/ 

To access this free app, each user needs a Blockstar ID (username and password). The beauty of that is the fact that Blockstack ID gives you a user-controlled login and provides access to decentralized storage that enables you to take back control of your identity and data at anytime. The icing on the cake is, pNotes is free and open to everyone.


Media contact

Company name: pNotes

Contact person: Paola Dripp

Email: contact@pnotes.online

Address: Rua Tali, BH, Brazil

Telephone: 553134221665

Website: http://pnotes.online/