A Vow Owed is a dynamic romance novel that has it all. Romance, adventure and action, supported by a cast of adored characters that have you aching to turn the page and find out what happens next



17th October 2019 – Books on love, chapters of heartache, and poems about beauty. Such things are often written and read by people who see the more romantic and articulate side of relationships. Quite often, we find ourselves reading through the long, never-ending pages of fiction that make our hearts beat but inevitably turn towards a predictable, convenient ending each time. This book called 'A Vow Owed' gives us a slightly different and in-depth perspective.

The author of the book is an expert himself. S.R Pandi-Perumal is a renowned Indian-born Canadian author who also happens to be a reputed Sleep Researcher.

This book walks a fine line between fiction and a meaningful explanation of the human mind and behavior. Most of his previous work has been scientific and research-based. His works have been critically acclaimed, and he has had a mention of praise in the likes of the New York Times. He has also bagged international recognition for distinguished research and analysis through his academic contributions. 'A Vow Owed' lets us see the good and bad sides of love and longing from a unique and learned viewpoint.


The book seems very articulate and detailed about explaining the evolution and unfortunate demise of a promising relationship. It takes us on a journey with a man who's valued true love and affection in his life. He meets the woman of his dreams who gives her everything he ever longed for. Their lives take a beautiful turn and they decide to turn this relationship into a more lasting bond. Bobby, who is hopelessly in love with Maria, asks for her hand in marriage and they tie the knot. Usually, a nice, happy Christmas might end about here. However, this isn't just another nice, happy winter book.


Bobby soon finds the inevitable truth that it isn't just rainbows and butterflies. Maria's love would take a turn for the cold and leave Bobby wanting and baffled.

This is where the true journey begins. His efforts to make her fall in love again. To forgive her ignorant conduct and to rekindle the hopes of being happy again.

It takes you away from the cliché of convenient fiction and makes one do a bit of introspection. It does make us realize how many things about love and togetherness are so often taken for granted. It also gives us a good insight on the pain of a broken and hopeless heart, struggles that come in a marriage and the scars left by a divorce process. It beautifully describes how two people can be blindly in love, but fate could take them their separate ways, leaving a void that might never be filled.

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Publisher – Phronesis Publishers

Author: S.R Pandi-Perumal (http://pandi-perumal.blogspot.com,