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Asia Presswire helps increase the precision of clients' press releases to hit the target quickly and effectively. Asia News Report's team is highly experienced in sentiment analytics and can expertly drive interactions, new audiences and trackable engagement. email:


SEAPRWire team Launches Blockchain-Focused News release Service

Hong Kong - SEAPRWire, a leader in blockchain public relations and marketing services, is pleased to announce the launch of SEAPRWire, an automated PR distribution service which provides guaranteed coverage and in-depth reports. SEAPRWire will be a one-s

How to Determine the Length of a News release

Hong Kong - SEAPRWire often gets questions about how to write a news release, one of which is what the word count should be.Whether it is an announcement, product launch or a company event launch, an effective news release should be at least 300 words an

Metrics Used to Measure the Performance of a News release

Hong Kong - How do users track news release performance? SEAPRWire team measure the performance of a press release by the following 3 metrics:1. Coverage and VisibilityCoverage and visibility refer to the publicity users' news release received. Typical

What Is the Best Time to Send a News release

Hong Kong - Much of the communication happens in real time. SEAPRWire will guide users on how to schedule users' press release.The Best Days and Times to Send a News releaseDon't send before 10 am or after 2 pm – If users issue users' news release too

Several Components and Key Tips of a News release

Hong Kong - SEAPRWire categorizes the components of a press release, which can be roughly divided into 6 parts. Below, we've broken down each essential piece and how users can implement it expertly into users' company's news release format:1, HeadlineJu

How SEAPRWire team Divide the Types of News releases

Hong Kong - Editors at SEAPRWire team deal with different types of press releases on a daily basis. SEAPRWire team are used to classifying it into different types. Each type serves a different purpose and marketing strategy. The type of news release us

SEAPRWire Team Announces Rapid Growth in 2021

Hong Kong - SEAPRWire's business volume has achieved a 56% growth in 2021, and its high-quality services have been recognized by more and more users. SEAPRWire, the global news agency, is now become one of Asia's leading news distribution services. SEAPRW