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Brief Introduction to Press Release and Content Marketing Tips

HONG KONG - People published an article which mentioned about smart audio systems becoming more significant in the area of marketing. The reason this is important is that upward of 50% of searches will come through smart audio devices.Smart audio systems

Exploring the Life Cycle, Tracking Details of Press Releases

Hong Kong - People are new to the marketing circuit and have heard the buzz about a press release. The idea and concept intrigue you, so you decide to delve into this information a little further.First you need to understand the purpose of a press relea

How Long Does It Take for Press Releases to Be Visible on Google

HONG KONG - There is a saying in the world of marketing that goes like this. "If an individual takes the time to call or contacts you with an inquiry regarding your product or service, a thousand people have also had the same thought. The other 999 just c

Close up with NovationWire: a New Type of PR Distribution Service

HONG KONG - NovationWire is an organization that had everything in place to succeed in 2021. They had a 100% remote workforce in place. Their DNA was already in the cloud. The press release distribution industry was already at an inflection point. Overl