BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2019 / Chinese animation has become a dark horse, stepping out and onto the international stage with a strong reception. The most popular Chinese animation would be 'Mo Dao Zu Shi', insanely popular with its legions of fans. And just as Mo Dao Zu Shi 1 (Past Lives) received great audience ratings and public appreciation in 2018, Mo Dao Zu Shi 2 (Xianyun Story) was officially launched by Tencent Video on August 3, 2019.

Before the broadcasting of Mo Dao Zu Shi 2, heated discussion surrounding this animation had started among fans. The simultaneous large-screen publicity in four cities in China launched by Tencent spurred the enthusiasm, and fans from different cities came together, causing social network publicity across China successfully from Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The broadcasting of Mo Dao Zu Shi 2 also attracted hosts of foreign fans, as web-pages set up with the 4 large-screen publicity activities in Chinese major cities went live on foreign websites. With the publicity of Nasdaq's Times Square digital screen in N.Y.C. and publicity at the MBK Center and Empire Tower outdoor screens in central Bangkok, the domestic and international simultaneous large-screen publicity for the animation has become a carnival for global fans of Mo Dao Zu Sh and Animation.

Presented with the highest standards of quality, this Chinese animation has been awarded with a great reputation and large audiences. Excepting the paladin story in slash style which blatantly attracts audiences, the production of Mo Dao Zu Shi can in total be described with the word 'elegance'. The portraits for figures and scenes in high Chinese style, with the minute processing of details and construction for large scenes by applying 3D technology, all bring perfect visual harmony to audiences.

Mo Dao Zu Shi 1 (Past Lives) was launched in July 2018 on Tencent Video, immediately becoming a work of heated discussion. With daily broadcasting numbers increasing exponentially, total broadcast volumes quickly exceeded 1 billion. This animation received a score of 8.9 from Douban, the most authoritative movie review network in China, which is equivalent in score to a large IP animation such as NARUTO.

After Mo Dao Zu Shi 1 gained its success, the following season's Mo Dao Zu Shi 2 gained an even greater success, scoring 9.3 at Douban. Mo Dao Zu Shi 2 has greater plot intensity and clearer story line logic, indicating that the focus in Mo Dao Zu Shi 2: Xianyun's Story is not limited to impressions for images, but to the intensification of the internal core of the story.

Mo Dao Zu Shi has been well-received in China, but it also ranks well on most global anime data scoring platforms. Nor does it remain exclusive as a Chinese Animation, as it gradually gains in popularity with anime fans from different countries and different cultural backgrounds, from Season 1 to Season 2, becoming World Animation. The simultaneous large-screen publicity in seven cities of the world has become the symbol for Mo Dao Zu Shi to spread wings in foreign countries, and complete its IP evolution.

For a long time, Japanese Anime has played a leading role in the ACGN industry in Asia. While Chinese Animation played another role, boosting the industry by enriched the viewing experiences of animation fans from around the world. Chinese animation rises to tell a Chinese story, of Chinese heroes. There will be more and more people viewing Chinese animation, loving Chinese animation, as the future moves to become real.

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