Few things can be as irritating as having a problem with a product and being unable to find the manual or even worse, locate the warranty. The innovative new Android app Innstal answers these concerns and much more CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2019 / In people's busy lives it is more than understandable to misplace the warranty for the Smart TV or the manual for the new high-tech refrigerator or laptop. Formerly, this could devolve into turning the whole house or apartment upside down or couples at each other`s throats with “who put what where last” accusations. Released just a few weeks ago the new Android app named Innstal comes quickly to the rescue. With quick and easy search and save features Innstal can produce a user's warranty or find that must-have user manual in no-time, defusing explosive situations, saving time, and really being a very useful lifesaver. “I saw a real need to be filled because I have experienced this kind of pain myself,” commented Ishu Singh, a passionate entrepreneur and the founder of the Innstal startup. “There's a few times over the last year when I could have been rescued by Innstal and even more if you count when people close to me experienced the same sort of issues. What good is a product if you can't use it? This is an app you can use!” The ultra-motivated Singh is also working in the tech-world from quite some time now, so the tech industry is certainly something he knows like the back of his hand. This knowledge and intuition, plus a wonderfully designed, fully functional app have Innstal off to a very good start. One of Innstal's sure highlights is its ease-of-use. No one wants the headache of searching for the warranties and manuals in a hard-to-use app that drives them equally crazy. On the contrary, Innstal is simple and intuitive winning praise from both its beta-testers and early users now. Deep Kashyap, from India, said, “This was the only thing for which we had to struggle very hard, to find the warranty receipt. It will be pretty convenient from now onwards to keep the track of every appliances or accessories purchased through this app.” The smart move may be to Install, Innstal, since it is hard to predict when a manual or warranty is needed and having the app on hand can be a game changer. The app can be found at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iphs.ro_innstall&hl=en Contact Info: Name: Dave PR Email: Send Email Organization: Innstal Website: https://www.innstal.com