NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2019 / Recently, the first network application platform for industrial scenes developed by Blockcloud based on SCN network system, officially began to provide services for enterprise customers, which demonstrates a solid step for Blockcloud on its way to the next generation of the Internet. At present, Blockcloud has started to serve customers in the automotive, transportation, security, and real estate sectors and achieved revenues of $200,000.

As a fundamental protocol based on the TCP/IP layer, every technological advancement of Blockcloud makes the future of the new generation Internet a step closer to reality. The rapid development of the Internet of Things and 5G technology has put forward higher requirements for the basic network. Blockcloud relies on the deep accumulation of technical strength and the scientific research cooperation of colleges and universities to form a development and application system of production, study and research. Up to now, the research institutes that cooperate with Blockcloud include Tsinghua University, The Hong Kong Polytech University,China Education and Research Network, and the National Engineering Laboratory of the Next Generation Internet

With the development of technology to promote the overall progress of the project, the continuous improvement of Blockcloud has been appreciated by many partners. The news shows that the intelligent network terminal developed by Blockcloud has entered the trial production stage, and will land in the telecom industry in the later stage. Good news has also been sent in the edge computing scene. Blockcloud has signed cooperation agreements with the world's top 100 enterprises in the chemical industry, enabling the real economy to land rapidly.

It is understood that Blockclouds demonstration test platform for the public and developers will also be open for use in the near future, which indicates that Blockcloud will fully bloom in the implementation of professional scenes and universal scenes. Guided by the idea of technology and landing as the priorities, the development of Blockcloud has ushered in a new era.

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