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Why Global PR Agencies Choose AsiaPresswire

Hong Kong - Many PR Agencies are switching to AsiaPresswire's news release platform to win the attention of their clients from a global audience. These PR/IR organizations believe that AsiaPresswire has helped them save thousands of dollars compared wi


Tokyo, Japan - 2020年12月3日(木)、動物福祉を考える議員連盟会長である尾辻秀久氏が十数名のメンバーと共に首相官邸を訪れ、犬猫肉の食用を禁じる国際条約の制定を求める要望書を菅義偉首相に提出した。このことは日本の動物福祉の歴史的な1ページを開き、さらには日米

Best News release Distribution Services In 2020 via AsiaPresswire

Hong Kong - When companies think about building brand image or launching a product or service, they often reach the market with lots of creative ideas. But are these ideas enough to take their achievement on the right way? Do their ideas include any of

How to write a good press release 2020

Here we talk about how to write a good press release.l The first part, how to understand the definition of press release;l The second part, the classification of press release;l The third part, the actual combat method of news type press release operat

How to Distribute Press Releases 2020 Best Guide with 6 Tips

Hong Kong - The following is the guide on how to do a press release distribution with 6 steps: What a press release distribution service include, how to maintain media relation, how to write a good press release and the DOs and DON'Ts when writing a pres